Sat, 18 Jun

How we replaced the POS/till with a mobile app.

A single app for individual entrepreneurs that does it all

A lady standing in front of a physical Point-of Sale setup

The Software

Admittedly, updatable software with cloud processing and smart insights in made possible by a more flexible mobile app.

The Scanner

The speed of the barcode reader, is unmatched in checkout experience by anything but a mobile phone from 2010 😀. Mobile phones have got much better at any form of processing, we’ve built a QR Code running on Google’s MLKit built for speed.

The Printer

Bluetooth thermal printer and quite ubiquitous, the freedom of superior software yields a better design for the receipts, and an option for e-receipts which are more convenient for customers to track and builds a relationship with a customer for future promo alerts.

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Sat, 30 Apr

Difference between a small business* and a startup, how to cross over.

Why only one leaves the garage, what we can copy from tech businesses.Small businesses* normally rely on the proprietor’s entrepreneurial talents, such as if someone does good knitting, they will start selling sweaters in the neighbourhood, they will normally receive orders on their phone or in person and personally organise the delivery, payment collection, etc.Startups start similarly, but they quickly find other people or tools with the skillset, or train them, this enables a larger production base to grow.Small businesses* should similarly replace tasks with affordable tools such as Marketing, Ordering, Fulfilment, with tools(typically free software like MyFy) to free up the entrepreneur’s time to concentrate on growth.This follows with no mention, local businesses normally serve a geographic proximity such as the town, but with free e-Commerce tools, the potential for growth normally expands and challenges to uphold a higher Customer Care standard compel inevitable growth.Differentiate your product to build customer loyalty. Rationally, there would be no compulsion for a customer to specific order from your shop, when they know the same Nike shoe is sold in the other shops on the block.Branding can start with packaging, customer care, and grow into creating custom products.Cultivating a customer relationship, can start with texting them holiday wishes, discounts. The argument towards this is usually that most business don’t recycle customers; a customer only buys a product X every 12 months, but even with this frequency, if you record, when the customer last purchased, and schedule an ad for their next purchase anniversary, you would have at least one customer returning every month because they don’t all purchase the same months.Therefore, recording the last purchase and contact is always a positive, which is de facto, for customers who make orders for delivery.Normally entrepreneurs are outcompeted in large market place, but we believe this is a Marketplace problem;MyFy leaves control to the individual entrepreneurs, they manage their stock and relate directly with their customers which builds their business skills and transmits the scale of growth to direct success for the business.* Just for the record, we think the word small businesses is limiting and we only use it in the colloquial sense to mean the current scale of the business.

Tue, 22 Mar

How rotational saving works

A rural savings and credit system of pure genius.In rural Uganda, women groups formed with mutual trust, are implementing a rolling banking system which allows them to save and borrow within themselves simultaneously.So it is called, the system involves all members contributing a designated amount of money and lending the whole bunch to one individual. The designated amount, x, is a manageable target, which the women can afford to save in a short time span such as a week or a month. However when combined the resultant sum, nx; say 30x, is a large amount which can be an effective loan to the woman receiving it.As in a circle, the next woman gets this loan and so forth, until all women have a managed to save 30x in a period of 30 weeks/months, and managed to get a loan of that equivalency at some point along the circle.Like any board game commercial, let’s describe some rules of gameplay:We marvel at the genius of this system and turn to it to facilitate financing for entrepreneurs.We have baked this feature into our MyFy app. Download the app, create a savings group and invite your colleagues with a click-link and we’ll handle the rest.